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About Us

About Us

Established in early 2006 Sunstar UK have taken on a number of residential and corporate clients.

With a wealth of experience within the IT industry and a host of other service personnel working closely with us, we have everything under one roof. With qualified IT technicians to solve your computer problems, we also have qualified carpenters, electricians and builders which we work closely with to ensure we can supply everything needed to complete the job.

At Home Servicing and Repairs

Where possible we will repair your computer/laptop/mobile device in your home in front of you, however due to some restrictions, be it time or other unforeseen circumstances we may have to take your device with us, back to the workshop. We will aim to have this back with you within 4 days!

We believe every single person should be entitled to fantastic service but be at a fantastic price.

We have great relationships with a team of builders and carpenters to ensure that if its a complete custom office you want, or even just a bespoke computer desk, right down to wiring your entire home we can help!


Virus Removal, Upgrades, Networks, Repairs and Diagnostics.

Our services range right through from diagnostics and troubleshooting to network design, installation and management.

If you have any problem then please get in touch via email or phone!

We strive to be very competitively priced. We will always give you a quote before commencing work, if for any reason we feel that it will cost you anymore than we have quoted then we will call you instantly to discuss the options with you in full!

Standard Charge is £30 for the first hour then £12.50 per half hour.
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Please note that this does not include any hardware or software that is required for us to complete our work, any further costs will be notified to you before commencing.

We believe in charging a fair price, but at the same time ensure we don’t compromise on the excellent service everyone deserves!

We also charge a fixed rate for certain tasks, see below for more details.

Estimated Timescales:
Please remember these are only estimates.
Memory upgrade – 1/2 hour
Graphics card upgrade – 1/2 hour
Fitting an additional or replacement hard drive (internal) – 1 hour*
Fitting an additional or replacement hard drive (external) – 1/2 hour
Setting up a network – Minimum of 1/2 hour
Setting up a wireless network and configuring wireless security – 1 hour
Installing and configuring a printer – 1/2 hour
Troubleshooting Windows crashes – 1-3 hours
Installing and configuring Anti Virus, Anti Spyware or Anti Adware – 1/2 hour each
Laptop Screen replacement – 1-2 hours
Install a new PC and patch to latest security levels – 1-2 hours
Transfer data from your old PC to the new PC (depends on how much data) 1-2 hours
Install programs like MS Office, Adobe Reader, Flash Player etc – 1/2 – 1 hour
Removal of old files – 1/2 hour – 1 hour
Clean up web activity – 1/2 hour
General Optimization – 1 hour
Firewall and / or security software – 1 hour

We can give you a personal quotation for any work such as small home networks to large scale corporate networking, media streaming, NAS, cloud solutions and new build PC’s. Our charge for this service would be £10 for the appointment, fee is waived if you decide to take out the quote.

Virus Removal – £30!
Virus / Spyware / Adware – 5-10 hours. There is a standard charge of £30 for this service. The laptop or PC will be taken back to our workshop to carry out the fix. Some viruses can be removed within a few hours, standard malware and some other viruses are alot quicker to remove, please be aware that £30 is the most we would charge for a virus removal, some viruses can be removed in under an hour, some require slightly longer.


Backing up a users documents, emails, music etc. £35 (for up to 3 DVDs 12gb or so) or a complete PC if you are able to supply an external hard drive with enough spare capacity (we can supply these but would need advance notice to ensure we order in a size large enough for your needs)

The cost for transferring data to DVD is £30 for up to 3 DVDs (around 12GB of data)
Additional DVDs cost £6 each (around 4GB per DVD).
If you’re able to supply an external hard drive, we can back your machine up for £30 if you require us to supply the external drive then the price will be discussed with you, please let us know in advance as we would need to order in a certain size hard disk for you. For instance as at 23/03/2015 the cost for a 1TB hard drive & back up would cost £90.

Health Check, Optimization and Speed Up – £20

Full System Refresh, Health Check, Optimization, Speed-Up & Data Restore – £35

Operating System Re-installation – £60

This usually takes 5-10 hours and we would normally take the PC away to complete this.


Before commencing a full re-installation you will be expected to of backed up any data you don’t want to loose, such as documents, photos, any music and applications. As we take no liability against loss of any data. If you do not have a recent back-up we can provide this service as well. This would cost an extra £20

A few things to consider before calling us out.

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1. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have an upto date backup before we start any work. A backup will be offered but if declined then you will be solely responsible for ANY lost data/photos/music etc. We can take no responsibility whatsoever for this.

2. We shall repair your computer at your cost, hardware, software, labour.

3. Software will ONLY be reinstalled on to the machine should you provide us with genuine and valid license keys and discs for the software involved this includes Windows, should your computer need an operating system reinstallation and no valid genuine product key or disc is provided then you will need to purchase one either from us or a 3rd party. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to copyright protection and legalities, this is protect both us and you as a customer.